The Stratford Clinic has partnered with Oxford Fertility, part of one of the largest providers of fertility care in the UK, to open Warwickshire Fertility. It offers world-leading fertility treatments previously unavailable across the west-midlands.

Warwickshire Fertility is a satellite clinic to Oxford Fertility. By choosing Warwickshire Fertility much of your treatment can be provided locally, without the repeated need to travel to Oxford.

Mr Tim Child MA, MD, MRCOG  
Consultant Gynaecologist and Medical Director, Oxford Fertility

Warwickshire Fertility is run by Mr Tim Child, Medical Director of Oxford Fertility; the clinic is also staffed by highly experienced nurses. All members of the team work closely with Oxford Fertility, ensuring good communication and an excellent standard of compassionate care. You will undergo your initial consultation at Warwickshire Fertility with Mr Child, where you may also meet the nursing staff. Some tests may be required prior to this initial appointment. Mr Child will then be able to discuss a personalised treatment plan with you.

Treatments available

At Warwickshire Fertility we are able to perform investigations including

  • Doctor consultation
  • Nurse planning appointment
  • Down regulation scan appointments
  • Follicular tracking scans
  • Pregnancy scans
  • Follow up medical consultation.

Complex fertility treatments may involve up to ten visits to a fertility centre. If your treatment plan includes assisted conception all the work up and monitoring can be done locally at Warwickshire Fertility.

All patients will need to attend Oxford Fertility for their egg collection and embryo transfer appointment. Some patients may also require additional procedures (e.g. surgical sperm retrieval) which can only be done at the main unit in Oxford.

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